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English Theory book for car - Dutch Roads and driving license B

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Driving license Theory book for the Dutch driving license
To obtain your Dutch driving license B, you need to do 2 exams at CBR. First you need to pass your theory exam and after this you can do the practical exam. This theory book will preprare you for the theory exam.
This book is writen by experts with years of experience. Each chapter ends with questions to repeat and learn the content you just read. As well this book has all traffic signs and summarries. With this method it's easy to learn for your CBR theory exam.

About the theory book Learning to drive - Dutch traffic regulations.
Rich illustrated book in English. This book is the best book available to get the Dutch license. We recommend reading this book to learn the Dutch theoretical test for the driving license B. The book has around 300 pages and the chapters are divided as:
1. Human failings as a driver
2. Legal requirements
3. Traffic signs
4. Roads
5. Special road sections
6. Behaviour on junctions, priority, giving right a way
7. Speed and maintaining a safe following distance
8. Other road users
9. Driving manoeuvres
10. Stopping, parking, queue, breakdown, towing, accidents
11. Communication, driving with lights on and in difficult weather conditions
12. Environmental aspects
13. Technical aspects
14. Register of traffic signs

  • English theory book 2018