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Theory Internet exam training 15 hours 2020

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This is the English online examtest with 15 hours of different online exams. This is not a course or training, just loads of test-exams! The exams are in English language but have no audio. Each test contains a mix of 65 questions. The exams are ready for the new-theory-exam since 2020 and includes hazard perception and danger recognition.
The theory exam at CBR consists of two parts. You must pass both parts to pass the theory exam. The first part consists of 25 questions about danger recognition/hazard perception. You must answer at least 12 questions correctly. You have exactly 8 seconds to answer each question. The questions and answers in part 1 are not read out. The second part consists of 40 questions concerning the traffic rules (30 questions) and insight into various traffic situations (10 questions). For the second part, you must at least asnwer 35 questions correctly. The answers and questions of the second part are read out at the exam.
In this online exame test there is only exam training. 

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