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Practical book for the driving license + 15 hours online exam training 2020

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About the practical book + 15 hours online exams
Set of the English practical book and the 15 hour online training for the Dutch traffic. To study practical exam and practice the CBR theory exams. This set contains the practical manual in English and 15 hours of online English theory exams for the Dutch B license.

Practical book + Internet exam training:
•Practical Manual book 2020
•15 hours Internet theory exam training 2020

This practical manual for the Dutch CBR practical exam is an excellent addition to the English theory book. This book gives students the opportunity to learn to drive the way a professional does. You can use this book together with your driving lessons and get to learn the Dutch traffic. Together with a theory course at theoryhouse and practical driving lessons from DrivingschoolDenK you will pass your driving license with ease.
Inside this practical driving manual you will find:

  1. Preparation- and control action
  2. Instruments and indication lights
  3. Steering and observational techniques
  4. The speed
  5. Braking (deceleration and leading to a standstill)
  6. Clutching / declutching / driving off
  7. Shifting
  8. Driving in an automatic
  9. Evaluation operation mechanism + notes
  10. Observational techniques
  11. Approaching and crossing of junctions
  12. Changing direction to the right
  13. Changing direction to the left
  14. Position on the road and lane choice
  15. Oncoming, passing and overtaking
  16. The mini roundabout and the regular roundabout
  17. Highways (lay-out & operations)
  18. Express roads, provincial and 80 km roads
  19. Special operations
  20. Specific situations
  21. Evaluation, skill and scanning behaviour
  22. Hazard perception/self-reflection / eco-driving
  23. Driving exam – exam training
 Use the information in this manual to the fullest extent! Make sure that you know what is required form you at the driver’s exam and improve on your weaker points on beforehand. Make it a habit to read the guidance after every lesson.
Read this practical manual part for part, but completely and take the practical exam fully prepared!

Learning Car Theory Internet Card - practising Theory online for 20 hours - CBR online exams 2020 Online exam training

Simulate a CBR theoretical exam in the Online Exam Training. Answer the questions and start practising for your actual exam. Ensure that you pass and prevent the extra costs for retaking the exam. Immediately accessible online from anywhere. Suitable for all platforms. On your smartphone, online on the pc and the tablet!

Online Theory environment including:
- Online practice exams
- Online practice questions
- Latest CBR guidelines
- Mobile-friendly
- Works on tablet and PC - Overview of mistakes
- Online Excerpts of the study material

Practice anywhere
The flexibility of the platform makes it so that you can practise literally anywhere where there is an internet connection. Whether you are in the train to school or work, or at home or your PC or tablet, you can use the online theoretical exams literally anywhere.

CBR guidelines
Through intensive cooperation, it became possible for TRAFFICBOOK.NL BV to implement all the newest CBR guidelines before they are rolled out by the CBR. This way, you know that you are always practising up to date in the online environment.

Overview of mistakes 
Beside the theoretical exams and practice questions, you also have an online overview of your mistakes. You will need to first create an account, so that we can keep track of the mistakes properly. This way you know precisely which of the 25 CBR subjects need more attention.

  • Practical book with Exam training 2017